Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Great news! "Fugue" has been officially selected to screen at the 13th Annual Dances With Films Festival! We don’t have a confirmed screening date yet, but this year’s festival runs from June 3rd through 10th, 2010 at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles, CA.

We’re extremely excited; DWF is well-known in Los Angeles, and they do a really professional job with their festival. DWF’s focus is specifically on independent cinema; their motto is “No politics, no stars, no sh*t.” They’re one of the few fests which likes and encourages films without a lot of money (like ours).

Also, we get the chance to premiere "Fugue" in Los Angeles, where we shot the movie and where all our crew lives. But on top of that, LA is the home base for lots of film distribution companies. Some of them have already contacted us about seeing the movie, and being able to invite them to a screening in a real theater with a real audience will make a huge difference in their reception of our movie.

The other good thing is that it gives us a hard out date to finish. Frankly, we lost a bit of our steam the last few months, and getting into this festival is the last bit of juice we needed to push the film over the finish line.

We got the acceptance packet today, and there’s a lot to do that doesn’t involve finishing the movie – sending screeners for newspaper reviews, making press kits, mailing copies of the trailer, printing posters – it’s going to be a busy month. (And of course, it’s also the month Juliane and I are going to Europe on vacation. If there’s a truism in this business, it’s that your vacation always hits at the moment you’re the busiest with work. We’re still going to enjoy ourselves, even if it means taking my laptop to Paris.)

For now, though, we’re excited to have been accepted to a well-known festival. Again, we can’t thank our friends and crew members enough, without whose great work and generous favors we wouldn’t have been able to complete "Fugue." We hope to see you at Dances With Films the first week of June!

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