Thursday, February 18, 2010

Juggling Fire Irons

Can you believe it’s almost March? Usually this time of year is slow and boring and seems to go on forever, but that changes when you’re in post-production on your movie. We’re marching along – music is nearly finished, we’re doing a spotting session for foley next week, and we only have two reels of the film left to color-correct.

But enough about “Fugue;” this post is about other filmmaking news. The more I make movies, the more I realize it’s about having a lot of irons in the fire. If we only focused on one thing at a time, we’d finish one or two movies in our lifetime. So instead, the goal is to work on different aspects of several projects all at once.

Right now, for example, I’m pitching a couple new ideas, working on outlines for more movies, finishing a comic book adaptation, and working a full-time job in addition to the “Fugue” post. And all our film friends are doing the same thing.

Barbara, our talented director/producer, gave a great interview a few weeks back to the website “Fatally Yours.” It brings up a lot of intelligent points about low-budget filmmaking and women in horror. Check it out:

Also, our good friend-of-the-film Christoph Baaden has been working on a feature-length documentary at the same time we were making “Fugue.” He just found out his movie “Hood to Coast” got into the South by Southwest Film Festival! Not that he needs our PR, but go check out his website and support his doc:

Last but not least, our lead actress Abby recently had her short film “Mercy” screen at the Santa Monica Film Festival. It’s Abby’s directorial debut and very mature, well-acted movie. There’s a great article about it here:

Congrats to all our friends, and hopefully we’ll have some good “Fugue” news coming our way soon!